Asset management

We implement the property owners’ investment strategy. This includes financial planning, profit analysis on the property-level, value increase via leasing and investments, marketing planning and management, tenant management – liaising with tenants, improving retention, assessing and managing their needs as well as re-negotiating lease contracts.

Property management

We prepare the required surveys and reports, we control facility management, coordinate the invoicing, the receivable-management, the optimization of operational costs as well as the documentation.


We plan and implement the leasing and marketing strategy of our portfolio’s buildings, which includes their market positioning, as well as managing prospective tenants and coordinating lease contracts from the beginnings to completion. We coordinate the negotiating parties, agencies and implement the required technical design.

Project management

Our expert team custom-build the rental areas and implement all the necessary modifications, requirements from formulating spaceplans to hand-over turn-key solutions. During the construction we fully involve all related parties – tenants, architects, contractors, technical controller, asset, property and facility managers, the owner(s) and if necessary the competent authorities.

Financial management

We prepare the financial planning of the buildings’ project companies, which includes further optimization of the revenues – specified to project companies – via for example tax optimization and liquidity management.

“One of the biggest advantages of GAMMA Properties is that beyond traditional asset and property management activities, we provide such complementary services as leasing and project management. This gives us the opportunity to offer comprehensive representation, which in our experience is especially sought after among investors who own only a few properties in Hungary, therefore it is not economical for them to maintain their own branch here.” Tibor Gasser, partner

Due Diligence

We screen all buildings in our portfolio primarily according to asset management and business aspects. We overview the buildings’ balance sheet, their utilization (leasing) potential – we check lease contracts and project future revenues and expenses – thus we determine the value of the buildings.

Sustainability Consulting and Green Certifications

Sustainability Consulting is the most recently established department of Gamma Properties. We are convinced, that our extensive real estate development and management experience will result innovative solutions in sustainable property development and operation.

Our experts conduct BREEAM® certification projects of existing buildings and prepare expert reports, analyses and measurements to other sustainability projects (LEED, WELL).