In focus: The Owner

Our code of conduct ensures that we deal with investors on equal footing, without giving priority to one against to other:

  • We bring owner-mentality into the management of the office buildings.
  • We operate honestly, always keeping the interests of the investors and the tenants in focus. In case of conflict of interest, we mediate between the disputing parties to find the most suitable compromise.
  • We do not move tenants among buildings in our care.
  • We work together with our investors to continuously improve and innovate.
  • We don’t do tenant-representation. We represent only investors, owners of office buildings.
  • We believe in the power of teamwork and long-lasting cooperations, thus we always strive for maximizing the value on the long term.

Agnes Kiss
Asset manager
Tel.: +36 1 382 7560
Mob.: +36 30 847 2456

Bögi Bálint
Asset manager
Tel.: +36 1 382 7560
Mob.: +36 30 346 7453

In focus: The Tenant

Our colleagues held the tenants’ needs and convenience in priority, thus they contact and meet with them regularly.

Moreover, we strive to build a real community in the office buildings, therefore – as a part of our marketing activities – we hold several tenant-events throughout the year. According to our experience, needs and interests of our tenants vary in each of  the office buildings, so our events vary as well: we organize massage-days, sport events and yearly featured-events as well.

Nagy Andrea Éva
Marketing manager
Tel.: +36 1 382 7560
Mob.: +36 70 397 1666

Check out some of our events

Mamma Mia

Date: June 2023

Mamma Mia, what an event! In our little RiverParkaly, we enjoyed Italian-themed food, gelato and retro Italian music. All the while building our very own leaning tower, played fuss ball and lived the RiverPark Dolce Vita.

Mexican Fiesta

Date: May 2022

After two long years, we finally could organize our yearly community event. This year it was a fiery Mexican Fiesta. Entertained by the Latin Combo Duo, tenants competed in hot paprika eating contest, Lucky Catch and Push-the-goat games.

Hawaiian Luau Party

Date: June 2019

In 2019, we greated the summer season with an exciting Hawaiian Party. Guests could try the pineapple bowling and the authentic Luau dance. They also competed for the Kind and Queen of Limbo title or if they liked, got a henna tattoo.

RiverPark Mulled Wine Party

Date: December 2018

Once again we organized our – now traditional – Advent Mulled Wine Party in Riverpark Offices.

We awaited our tenants with roasted chestnut, cocoballs, spicy mulled wine and hot alcohol-free punch.

Petite Paris event

Date: June 2018

In June 2018, we invited our Tenants to a real Parisian Picnic. At the event we surprised them with French accordion player, pantomime artists, cartoonist, tenpins, roulette and card table. The atmosphere was complete with fine assortments of French food and pastries.

RiverPark Rockabilly Party

Date: May 2017

Sport fans were welcomed with the 50’s and 60’s’ America feeling with retro flipper and foosball. At the Bike Turmix Bar they could cycle for your own s(h)ake.

The curious’ and braves could experience the world of tattoo artists and create exciting real tattoos with a help of our tattooists. In the Vintage Photo Corner we waited our guests with tipical American backgrounds and greenbox photoshooting where they could make their own ’50s style photos by yourself.

RiverPark Summer Night Magic 

Date: June 2016
We organized a informal, summer night event for the tenants of RiverPark Offices, where Soma Hajnóczy -World Champion of Magic – and Tamás Badár from Hungary’s Got Talent Show enchanted them with unique tricks.

Fine grilled foods, wines from the Janus Winery, ice-cold artisan beer, fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies, lemonades and cotton candy made the night special.

Infopark D Health Day

Date: June 2016 

We invited the tenants of Infopark D to the Health and Massage Day in June 2016, where they tried a special office massage, got information on sprouting and fermenting and also tasted a variety of  healthy foods.

Our guests tested their knowledge on healthy living in the IQ Casino and tried to recognize spices by their scents.

RiverPark Mulled Wine Party

Date: December 2015 

Comes December, our traditional Mulled Wine party takes place!

During Advent, every year we  invite our tenants to our traditional Mulled Wine Party.

While we treat them with steaming, spicy mulled wine and freshly roasted, scented chesnuts, we get into the holiday-spirit together.

RiverPark Oktoberfest

Date: October 2015

In October 2015, tenants of German-owned Riverpark Offices, didn’t have to travel all the way to Munich to attend Octoberfest, we brought the fest to them.

Guests of RiverPark Oktoberfest could taste traditional Bavarian meals and delicious beers in the beer-tent set up in the inner courtyard and were entertaind with games and raffle. The atmosphere and the lively tunes were provided by Die Spatzen Music Band and an outstanding accordion player.