RiverPark Offices

Situated at the foot of the Petőfi Bridge, directly on the Danube bank, this historic yet modern office building has an exclusive interior garden, roof terrace and panoramic views of the Danube.
Hand-over: 2008
Address: H-1093 Budapest, Közraktár utca 30-32
Total area: 9.865 m2
Total area to let: 240 m2
Parking places: 135

Andrássy 100 office building

The neoclassical office building at 100 Andrássy avenue was built in 1890 and served as the residence of the Prime Minister, then as a trade union headquarters and a confectionery school. In 1999, during renovations a modern wing was added. The classical and modern office wings are connected on each floor, with a double-height atrium on the ground floor covered by a glass roof
Renovation: 1999 és 2002
Address: H-1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 100.
Total area: 5847 m2
Total area to let: 3609 m2
Parking: 122

Merkúr Palace

The Merkúr Palace is an office and retail centre in a beautiful historic building in the heart of the city centre in Nagymező Street, district VI. Following a complete renovation completed in 2009, the property offers 5,300 m2 of first-class, Grade A offices.
Renovation: 2009
Address: H-1065 Budapest, Nagymező 54-56.
Total area: 5600 m2
Total area to let: 0 m2
Parking: 23

Ausztria house

The Austria House is located in the heart of the city centre, in the quiet Vármegye Street, in the immediate vicinity of Váci Street, Vörösmarty Square and Fashion Street.
Hand-over: 1992
Address: H-1052 Budapest, Vármegye u. 3-5.
Total area: 3.340 m2
Total area to let: 1103 m2
Parking: 125