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Austria House

Onwer: Interbüro Kft. | Year of reconstruction: 2020
Total area: 3340 sqm

Floor Unit Sqm Floorplan
Mezzanine 20+22 sqm
1 floor 205 sqm
2. floor 214 sqm
4. floor 214 sqm
6. floor 214 sqm
7. floor 109 sqm

Megjegyzés: Austria House is located in the quiet Vármegye street in the very heart of downtown Budapest. It is in the immediate vicinity (close proximity to) of a traditional retail destination Váci Street, Vörösmarty Square, Fashion Street. Deák Square, which is one of the major transportation and meeting hubs in the city center, is a few minutes walk from the office building. It is easily accessible by public transport and car from anywhere in the city.

Address: 1052 Budapest, Vármegye street 3-5

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