infopark building d

This modern, ’green’ classified (LEED Silver) building is located in one of Budapest’s most sought after office park, Infopark in the South Buda area.
Completion: 2007
Address: H-1117 Budapest, Gábor Dénes utca 2.
Total area: 18.526 sqm
Total area to let at the moment: 0 sqm
No. of parking places: 346


RiverPark offices

This historical, but also modern office building is located right at the Petőfi bridge on the Danube bank. It has an exclusive inner garden, a roof terrace and boasts magnificient views to the Danube.
Completion: 2008
Address: H-1093 Budapest, Közraktár utca 30-32
Total area: 9.865 sqm
Total area to let at the moment: 240 sqm
No. of parking places: 135

Andrássy 93 office building

The representative, historical office building is located in the Diplomat Quarter on the Andrássy Avenue. Besides the imposing appearance and the exclusive historical meeting room, the building’s extra features are the unique underground garage and the cozy internal garden.
Built: 1884
Renovation: 2007
Address: H-1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 93.
Total area: 1936 sqm
Total area to let at the moment: 0 sqm
No. of parking places: 10

K6 offices

K6 Office Building is located at Astoria, one of the busiest junction of Budapest, in close proximity of Deák Square. The building’s youthful, loft-like areas and a unique double-storey office make a great location for young startups and dynamic companies.
Completion: 2007
Address: H-1052 Budapest, Károly körút 6.
Total area: 1.310 sqm
Total area to let at the moment: 0 sqm


Terrapark in Budaörs offers high quality offices and a quiet natural environment at the same time. This combination results in a better atmosphere and a better work environment. One of the most important advantages of Terrapark, as compared to the downtown offices, is the lower rent and service charges.
Completion: 2000
Address: H-2040 Budaörs, Puskás Tivadar u. 7-11
Total area: 6 387 sqm
Total area to let at the moment: 1456 sqm

Andrássy 100 office building

The building is located under Andrássy út no 100. Its neo renaissance façade was built in 1890. It first served as the residence of the Prime Minister, then functioned as headquarters of a trade union and later as a pastry-school. Following a full scale refurbishment of the building in 1999 a new wing was constructed. The classical and modern parts are linked at all levels; on the ground floor there is a double-level high atrium topped with a glass-roof.
Renovation: 1999 and 2002
Address: H-1062 Budapest, Andrássy 100
Total area: 5 847 sqm
Total area to let at the moment: 3609 sqm
No. of parking places: 122

Merkur Palace

Merkur Palace is located on the Nagymező street in the 6th district, right in the heart of Budapest. A beautiful historic estate gives home to the office building with great transportation. The overall reconstruction in 2009 resulted in a modern, but authentic building of 5600 sqm, including state of the art offices, 8 loft apartments, ample storage spaces and also the uniquely designed Apacuka Restaurant/Café which boasts of an outstanding kitchen.
Renovation: 2009
Address: H-1065 Budapest, Nagymező 54-56.
Total area: 5600 sqm
Total leasable area: 0 sqm
Parking places: 23

More information

Subway M3, M1 (10 min walk); tram 4,6; bus 9, 72, 73, 914, 914A, 931, 950, 950A
Inviting courtyard; unique, representative atmosphere; prominent location, 23 underground parking spaces, restaurant and café in the building, storage area of 600 sqm, 4 elevators, 24/7 reception, opening windows, excellent public transportation.